Ndumiso Hadebe is an Economist translating macroeconomic, trade and investment analysis into business planning tools for investment allocation, promotion, facilitation and after care strategies for organisations.

Where the South African economy is located in a global context

This presentation provides business people, investors and economic agents with the analysis of the South African economy and where its growth path is located in the context of global geo-political, cultural, social and economic shifts.
Based on evidence based global and domestic macroeconomic and industry research, audiences are empowered with the tools they require to better inform decision-making and enhance business planning strategies for their respective organisations.

Leading in the age of great disruption

This presentation provides valuable insights for Entrepreneurs and Executives on the strategic tenants of internationalisation and/ or local consolidation of nascent markets that have the potential to create high value in a time of great disruption and unprecendented change.

The Great Dividend

The continent of Africa has been dubbed to be the last investment frontier by many, in a globalised fast-paced business environment with ever-changing market conditions compounded by a constrained growth environment. The prospect of whether or not your business will exist in a year from now is increasingly uncertain.

Rising input costs, complex organisational re-engineering and aging populations in the developed world contributes tremendously to evolving market preferences, trends and human capital requirements.

5 of the fastest growing economies in the world and the most youthful population is in Africa. An intimate macroeconomic, historical and cultural appreciation of emerging African economies can enhance the your organisation’s and/ or government’s ability to leverage African markets as the last investment and growth frontier.

This presentation equips with you the strategic foresight to tap into Africa’s dynamic markets, developing appropriate policy responses and yielding the Great Dividend that lies in Africa and her people.

Artificial intelligence: Strategy and policy implications for Business

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought with it an era of unprecedented change that has people, organisations and governments around the world anxious and reactionary to change. At the centre of this change is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Rather, than it being something to be feared. It can serve as a powerful tool to help you solve some of your most complex problems.

These advances in technology can enhance operational efficiencies, in procurement, marketing, human resources and finance amongst others. As a consequence, there are resultant organisational strategy and policy implications for businesses all around the world.

This presentation provides your organization and its people with meaningful and practical insights in understanding AI and machine learning, its role and the strategy and implications that will give you leapfrog results.


"Ndumiso was personable, entertaining and engaging. We thoroughly enjoyed his presentation."

American International Group (AIG)

I hope we can continue to work together into the future. Thank you once again for blessing us with your gifts.

Prof. Jonathan Jansen, Former Rector & Vice-Chancellor, UFS

You embody the spirit of SA’s youth and set a powerful example for other young people.”

The Presidency of RSA

He was the most memorable speaker of the entire conference.

ABSA Smart Supplier Conference

We call him the Mandela of our time.


You are part of a cohort of young people that continue to make a significant difference through your work.

David Makhura, Gauteng Premier

"Ndumiso was very engaging at the event and pulled our brief to him through his presentation like a true professional – the delegates hung onto every word he said and could have probably listened to him talk for 2 hours without a doubt."

South African Rewards Association (SARA)

An exciting speaker!